Thursday, 14 December 2006

Proof at last?

I am not sure, but could it be someone finally managed a decent video of an IBWO?


Bob Tarte said...

Hahaha! I saw that video, too, and was mystified by what I was seeing, until you explained it. The vocalizations are a bit odd for a woodpecker, though. It must be the nighttime acoustics.

Jochen said...

Well you see the significance of this: not only are the secondaries white, there's a second row of white feathers on the wing: it's a juvenile, and it can barely fly, probably fell out of its nest and is in quite some distress(hence the strange vocalizations).
Where ever this video was taken, they're still reproducing!!

charlie said...

Your move over the water has quite clearly addled your brain. Maybe you should come back to Europe now so that we can look after you :))

Jochen said...

Oh, Charlie I KNOW you're kidding because I read Pomegranate:
you have quite a lot to look after now and I am sure I would feel neglected!