Saturday 21 February 2009

We interrupt the Silence

... for a bit of blogging!

Yes, yours truly is back, for a little while at least.

Due to a twisted chain of incidences mostly revolving around my wife and son visiting the in-laws for two weeks while I have to remain where I am and work, I have a lot of time - two weeks to be more precise - to sit on the sofa quietly and miss them.

And while I am there, on the sofa, I might as well log onto my blogger account and do what I haven't done in quite a while: release some of the pressure I put on the comments section of other blogs and actually produce a few posts myself again, which - incredibly - I will post on my own blog, and not said comments sections.

I do have to get used to writing again - more on that possibly later - yet I am rather fond of the idea and am curious what will come out of it.

So for now, I'll be doing some thinking about what to put on my blog while watching tonight's James Bond movie on TV.

So, I hope to be seeing you here again tomorrow, last of the faithful readers.


noflickster said...

Yay! I've missed your posts. Like others out here, I'm looking forward to hearing how fatherhood has affected your birding (or vice versa).

Anonymous said...

Nice try. You won't get rid of us that easily! :)

Katie said...

Welcome back!

corey said...

Wait, Jochen who?

I vaguely remember something about a bell and a tower and I think birds...yeah, birds, that was it!

So, seen any birds recently?

And this isn't going to be like a movie sequel where it's not as good as the original is it? No pressure, no pressure at all...

Jochen said...

Geez, it is so good to have you all back!!
I missed you in a very serious way (voice shaking, eyes reddening, out comes the handkerchief).