Friday 22 December 2006

No mass, just mess

Today is the 22nd of December and if I had any regular readers, they 'd remember that I had a literally huge birding plan for today (well, actually for two days ago but I didn't manage any birding then) : I had planned to set out and see 50.000 Long-tailed Ducks on the Huron river at Barton pond. Why? Because the Birdchick calendar said I could and you don't want to disagree with the Birdchick, she might disapprove.
So I was all set and ready to go this morning and then I looked out of the window.
Here's what I saw looking up:

And here's what I saw looking down from the 7th floor of the high rise building I am living in:

Man, the Birdchick was right: lots of rain overnight and conditions ideal for Long-tailed Ducks in downtown Ann Arbor.
Problem was: I couldn't leave the building with both the stairway and the elevators impassable or out of order due to the high water levels.
So there was no watching the Long-tailed Ducks today. I sure hope at least a few remain in the general area once the water levels drop.

Meanwhile, a little game for those also stuck at home and missing to watch the bird masses outside due to today's weather-related mess. Here's a picture of a flock of Golden Plovers I took last fall on the Baltic.

(click on the image to see a larger version)

How many birds do you estimate can be seen on this picture?

OK, there's no price to be won, but maybe it gives you something to do over the Holidays. Or at least until the weather improves and we can all go outside once more for some good and solid birding.

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