Tuesday 9 January 2007

The Last of the Christmas Birds

Today saw the disappearance of the last of the Christmas Birds.

During the last couple of days, there was a House Grinch that had established a territory inside Nickels Arcade in downtown Ann Arbor. With the weather resembling May rather than January, it could be heard singing away merrily whenever I walked through the Arcade and I spotted it once in a while sitting on the green plastic branches of the Christmas decorations high underneath the ceiling.
Today however, there was a change in weather - at least in the morning, and then it changed back again as is the norm for Michigan - with rather heavy snow fall and a strong and cold wind. To make things worse for the House Grinch, the Christmas decorations had been removed as well. Either that alone or the combination of both eventually drove the House Grinch away and Nickels Arcade has fallen silent again.

Until next Christmas.

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