Saturday 24 February 2007

Hit the Trails

It's Saturday. Saturday is regarded as part of the weekend in most modern societies. Which is a good thing because it should mean a rest from the week's worries. Good idea, nice concept.

I am only mentioning this in case anyone out there hadn't noticed yet it was Saturday.
I haven't, really.

I am working.

Well, I should be working, to be honest, but sometimes it is hard to concentrate.
So I went on a little virtual trip and have discovered a nice online source for birders in North America, the "birding trails".

Exciting information about where to go and what to expect there, tons of birds I have never seen. Terrific, exactly what I need right now to make my day...

Oh, heck, I am being sarcastic, but these sites are really great and regarding my work assignments, it's about time that "the times they are a'changin", and I am sure there are brighter times ahead.
Here are a few of the many links for anyone who's stuck in front of their computer as well and also needs a Ptarmigan or Scrub Jay fix bad:

Colorado Birding Trail

Great Florida Birding Trail

Birding Trails of Louisiana

Montana Birding and Nature Trail

Nebraska Birding Trails

Oregon Birding Trails

Great Texas Wildlife Trails

Apparently there's no online Michigan Birding Trail yet (good thing, otherwise Florida, Texas and California would run out of active birders), but hey, we don't need this, we got the ABA guide to call our own!

Enjoy your online birding while you can, spring is near!

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