Friday 1 December 2006


This is the first post on Bell Tower Birding. As I am learning to blog by blogging, this is no more than a test. Come again later when I have started to have an idea of what it must feel like to know what one's doing and have written a proper introduction.

This is an image from back home just to try out how to add an image to the blog. Pretty smart approach, if you ask me!
It shows two Greater White-fronted Geese amongst a bunch of Tundra Bean Geese, so at least the first post has something to do with the blog's title: birding!

If you want to see how a real blog looks like, check out this legendary and highly influencial site (although he ditched "I and the Bird"). So now I also know how to add a link!
I am advancing!

Ok, this is the end of test phase one. As I said before, come back later for nicer and more entertaining paragraphs which will be focussed on Birding in the Ann Arbor area.


Jochen said...
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Anonymous said...

Hurrah!! Welcome to the wonderful world of trying to find something interesting to say every few days!
Re IatB - just forgot this time round (I've been busy my friend, REALLY busy :)). I'm already down for the next one (I've promised to write up the China stuff and add a few more images) so it's a temporary blip...
Hope you are both settling in, and best to you both.
Take care and all the best

Jochen said...

Hey, Charlie, welcome to Bell Tower Birding! You are the first reader which should really earn you a price of some sort, I'll think of something!
Yes, I regularly take a look at what's keeping you busy on Pomegranate and I sort of can relate to you being distracted. Looking at the comments section of Pomegranate, I'd say "she's so cute" if this wasn't done already on a regular basis by an army of female bloggers (I sometimes feel so isolated when I try to comment with something different, like your hair style...), but well she really IS very cute.
Re Bell Tower Birding, I already have a few ideas but the lack of a digital camera is slowing me down considerably. We are planning to buy a simple snap-shot thing soon which will have to do until I can get myself a real camera, but until then I might as well do some other stuff to warm up.
Cheers and all the best!

Anonymous said...

Nobody's giving up on I and the Bird if I can help it!

Welcome to the action-packed world of bird blogging, Jochen. I look forward to reading about your experience of North American birding and hope that, when you're ready, you'll become a part of IATB as well.

Jochen said...

Hi Mike,
good to hear you're keeping a watchful eye on Charlie. With such a treasure at home, he might be inclined to spend fewer hours of his spare time birding or blogging, so we gotta be careful there.

Yes, once I get really started, I'd love to joing IatB! Looking forward to it!