Monday 18 December 2006

Why blogging Rocks

Well, what can I say, the CBC was just amazing. It is not often you find something that has never ever been recorded before on any CBC worldwide! Seriously, I'll get a full report online as soon as I can get rid of those buggers from CLO that have been hanging 'round my flat questioning me for the last two days. Oh, and it is not THAT woodpecker.
OK, maybe the delay in posting is due to all hell breaking loose at the office and me working all through the weekend, but I like the first version much better and it is true, too!

Why does blogging rock?
In the comments section I found a message from this site which I think is very good fun to read and look at. Hey, he's even got a picture of a Cardinal in a Bush with Snow, and birding can't get any better than this...

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