Thursday 14 December 2006

Why it never worked out...

Ever wondered why our birding somehow never seemed to work out the way we had planned? Like the numerous days I went out to get Snow Goose on my life list and found these instead?
Here's the answer to why our hobby was oh so frustrating for all these years: we all just didn't know how to do it properly!
Have you decided to quit on crappy bird watching today? Are you daring enough to take a huge leap forward, break through that final door and become a real birding wizard?
Well, then check out this video and watch your life list soar!

Cheers, Bob!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my 'Birding Tips' video. Now if I can just learn to tell a Surf Scoter from a Snow Bunting, I'll really get that life list expanded.

Jochen said...

It's easy.
Wait until they dive: the surf scoter's legs flash red while the snowbuntings slowly submerge in diver-style with some flipping over on their back and kicking the air with their black feet until they're underwater.