Friday 19 January 2007

Birding Bits

Yesterday was a very enjoyable day because I went birding with a French guy named Laurent. We met through the local birders email forum and decided to team up yesterday for some birding through the Arb and along the Huron at Gallup Park.
It was great fun birding with Laurent and obviously the birds thought so, too because quite a few goodies showed up, like a lone Hermit Thrush at the Arb, a whole bunch of Hooded and Common Mergansers, 4 beautiful Eastern Bluebirds up close, a Sharp-shinned Hawk attacking a flock of Starlings in midair and as a real price a Great White Egret amongst at least 2 Great Blue Herons.
This is apparently the first Great White Egret ever to spend the winter here around Ann Arbor and it was reported by numerous observers in the weeks before.
Today there is a harsh horizontal movement of Snow again, some of it even hitting the ground (presumably after a collision of two snow flakes one snow flake crashes to the ground while the other one gains speed, this way causing the whole snow storm to accelerate even more until it reaches Florida, melts etc.). Well, maybe if we went to Gallup Park today there would be two Great White Herons with the Great White Egret?

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