Monday 29 January 2007

Gaining Momentum

Apparently, after almost two months of blogging, the Bell Tower system is gaining momentum.

I like it and will continue blogging.
Apparently, I am also making some sort of impression on others. Some even say they like what I write but I think they just want to be nice. Nevertheless, I feel it is now the time to include some more links on my site, mostly other blogs I visit as often as possible and enjoy reading, without risking too much of an uproar in the blogging world.

OK, first up, there's "A DC Birding Blog". This site has a Cerulean Warbler as an emblem and the last post was about an "Arboretum Walk". That alone proves it: some of the best bird blogging!

Then I also once in a while check out "Birding is NOT a crime!!!!". They like birds, they listen to Iron Maiden, got a healthy sense of humour, ... they just don't write enough of the good stuff they're well capable of!!

Then there's the superior "Bootstrap Analysis", a really fine blog that puts the science into birding and blogging. Very nice reading, and the whole thing is happening around my current home patch of Ann Arbor / South-East Michigan!

And "The House and Other Arctic Musings" is great fun, too. It just adds to the global player feel to blogging when you can get the latest birding news from Australia and then quickly jump into the high Arctic for a few minutes.

The Norwegian site "Oygarden Birding" really captures the whole spirit and atmosphere of coastal birding in Norway, something I thoroughly enjoyed in the early 1990s during a couple of birding trips there. Sadly, the blog is currently documenting the disastrous oil "spill" (wreckage, carnage,...) .

And continuing on our Nordic theme, here's "blogbirder", a Swedish birding blog with loads of pictures and he's had quite a few of Redpolls recently which I am very fond of.

And finally (for now), "bogbumper" is not only a neat name for a blog, it is also a neat blog with some nice photography. Interestingly, as with most UK birding blogs, you shouldn't only go there to view pictures of British/European birds. Quite a few pics you'll see are of North American vagrants.

So, there you have it: enjoy (while I go back to work...)!

Look at this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jochen. We've never met but I'm sure we'll run into each other eventually!

Jochen said...

Yes, possibly at the Snowy Owl I am about to find at the Ann Arbor airport, wait, make that a Great Gray! Looking forward to it!