Monday 22 January 2007

Pictures !!

Hurrah, I just picked up a few of the digitalized films and am actually able to put some relatively decent pictures up on my blog. What you are about to see is not from Germany back in 2006, it isn't even from Michigan or Ontario in May 2005, nope, it is amazingly recent for the scope of this blog: the following images are from November 2006, not even 3 months ago.
Can you believe it?
No you can't because most blog will usually contain pictures from the day the post was written, but hey, I told you I will improve and I am simply taking it step by step.
So, now for starters a few images of the Arb from early last November.

This (above) is one of the nicest views in the Arb. The Arb is basically a small park, well an Arboretum, surrounding a small and steep valley at the southern flank of the Huron River Valley. The bottom of the valley is an open meadow and the slopes surrounding this open space are filled with all kinds of trees. Here we are looking towards the north where the Huron river flows from left to right.
I called this fiery red tree "Old Faithful" because it was amongst the very last trees to lose its foliage, but of course by now it is just as completely stripped off its colours as the rest of the trees.
Here's another view at "Old Faithful":

This little ravine is usually one of the more productive areas of the Arb and here I have seen - amongst others - a few Hermit Thrushes, Carolina Wrens, a Sapsucker and as a real cracker a rather late Orange-crowned Warbler some day in November (if you want the precise date, leave a comment, I am not rushing for my note book now).

Well, Bell Tower Birding is always striving to provide new superlatives to its many, many readers and yet again, we have easily managed to produce something never seen before on the Internet. It really is a world record and we kindly ask you to not violate copyright regulations because I still haven't figured out just yet how to best make money out of this:

The worst ever picture of a Northern Cardinal!

I know what you are thinking: where's the ice, where the sparkling and the sun and all those great pictures we were promised recently.
Well, I have those tucked under my belt and will write up some more posts about the Arb in the next few days. I just got them late today and can't think of anything to do for the moment other than just posting them, for which I'd say they are too good (always having the usual quality of my photography in mind).
I therefore hope you were somewhat disappointed at these images and will be eager to return soon for much and many more.
Until then ... happy birding!

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