Tuesday 30 January 2007

A short excursion into Politics

I know this is off-topic for a birding blog, but I am just confused by this.
I always thought that in a democracy, the "decider" is or rather are the people.

Or not?

Did I miss anything?

Here are some picks of Politicians debating tax issues - from both sides of the Atlantic, they're (almost) all the same anyway, which partially explains why they don't really value biodiversity.

Yeah, I know this was particularly inappropriate for a birding blog, there was no need to insult the birds.


John B. said...

Well, Bush has declared himself as the Decider, so that is that. :-)

Jochen said...

Back when he did so, this was mostly met with humour outside the US but has added very much to the reputation of the US as a functioning democracy worsening even more.
I frankly doubt that any European political "leader" would have survived - politically speaking - a statement like this for more than 24 hours. Seeing themselves as "the decider" reflects very badly on any politician's understanding of democracy and should, in my opinion, lead to them being kicked out of office immediately.