Tuesday 27 March 2007

The ThickBirder

One thing reconsidered.

I haven't quite sold as many books as Roger Tory Peterson (RTP), neither have I had an even remotely similar impact on the birding society (yet...).

The advantage of it?
Well, I am still fine reconsidering one thing whereas RTP wrote a whole book about all things reconsidered.

So here's the one thing I recently had to reconsider:

Remember the sad story about the Eastern Screech Owl at the Arb?
Stupid Bell Tower Birder, thick, thick, thick...

It is spring.
It takes two to Tango.
I only found the remains of one owl.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours birding the Arb and Gallup Park with Laurent.
I will write a full report soon as I have a few pictures that I want to add but still need to have developed, but most importantly, we heard one short calling sequence from Rhododendron Glen that sounded suspiciously like the screech of an Eastern aptly-named Screech Owl.


Now we only heard it once and in this case without a confirmation once is no-once, but maybe, just maybe I should yet again pay this area a visit soon and really check those hollow trees and thickets.

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