Friday 20 April 2007

A Few Things...

While I am busy preparing a longish post for this blog about the Wagtails I'd get to see along the German Baltic coast if I were there now instead of Michigan, I thought it would be the right time to post a few things about Ann Arbor, while I am here and not at the Baltic coast.

Does this make sense? I don't know, it did when I started thinking about what to post today.

First up, the Ann Arbor Peregrine Falcons returned to the Burton Memorial Tower in downtown Ann Arbor a while ago. This is very handy as my blog is named after that Tower mostly because of the falcons and as there is an interesting link here which provides nice and up-to-date information about the falcons. I'll add the link to my side bar soon, need to update the link-part of this blog anyway after that big IatB fest.

Next, while May is approaching fast and with it - as is to be hoped - the wood warblers and other passerine goodies, I thought it appropriate to provide an insight into one of the places about which there'll be a lot of blogging here soon, the fabulous Arb. One of the best migration hot spots in this part of Michigan, it had long deserved its own blog, and thanks to Wrenaissance (thanks!), I know now not only that there is a blog but also where to find it, which is here.

And finally, here is a recent picture of a Canada Goose from Gallup Park that took a cool swim on the Wild Side:

Thanks to everyone for all the great contributions to and comments on "I and the Bird #47: It's all about the Bird"!

It's been a huge and great party!!

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You're welcome! :)