Wednesday 4 April 2007

I and the Bird # 46

Today is another one of those very important days where roughly half the world-wide Birder Community can't be bothered to leave their computer even if there was an observation of a flock of Emperor Penguins (ringed in Antarctica) hanging around the coast off Cape Cod - and - news of a wild Spectacled Eider frequenting a backyard feeder in Arizona - and - a breeding colony of Slender-billed Curlews was discovered driving out Avocets along the entire coast of the UK by their sheer numbers - and - a news report supported by a crispy sharp video of a dog-walker's furry darling being run over by a stampede of Moas in New Zealand circled the globe, all happening on the same day.

Because if we are all honest, we know that these things are utterly unimportant. What really counts nowadays in the Birding Empire is the bi-weekly blogging carnival of I and the Bird!
Miss it and you'll never be kept up to date with the very best writing, news and pictures birding and birders can provide to each other. A prime example of the educational effect of I and the Bird is today's edition:
Corey (or "Scott Catskill") over at Lovely Dark and Deep has taken up the opportunity of hosting I and the Bird #46 to introduce the bloggosphere to yet another exciting scientific fact he recently discovered:

While birders bird birds, birds birder birders.

If you are interested ... wait, make that: As you surely must feel interested now, you WILL check out the adventures of a true world-birderer over at Corey's blog, so here's the link to his edition No. 46 again.

Incidentally, you'll find a small hint at the end of the birderer's post about some Bell Tower Birder hosting the next edition, which will be # 47, with participating posts being requested sent in by April 17th (either to joroederATyahooDOTcom or to Mike over at 10,000 birds).

Oh dear.

We can only hope that Corey's excellent edition gives I and the Bird enough drive to make it over that little bump...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jochen.

And you'll do great...and man is it worth it as I've almost tripled my top day in terms of visits already.

Still waiting for the warblers...

Jochen said...

Looks like I might double my average visits today, too!
I am looking forward to hosting it myself and there are already a few ideas spooking around my hollow head quarters!

Anonymous said...

This weather has been crazy and they predicted it perfectly!