Tuesday 17 April 2007


The blogging here around the Bell Tower has slowed down recently for a number of reasons :

a) personal stuff

b) work - yes, again

c) weather

d) getting ready for I and the Bird!

So this post is a REMINDER for those few who still haven't sent in their best recent blogging piece on birds and birding to do so NOW!

The cold phase - and I mean really cold as in snow storm and wearing gloves in your apartment - seems to be largely over now and the sun is shining down from a bright blue sky.
One could actually think this might be birding weather now at the onset of heavy duty spring migration, but I suppose we are given a bit of a warm-up phase (how friendly) as it is very stormy now and not really worth trying to find passerines high up in the wuthering heights of the Arb's tree tops.

Maybe later this week, after the IatB-feast.

I did go to the Arb on Sunday for a short walk and there were a few birds around. Best species was the Pine Warbler still singing, or rather singing again, and a lone Hermit Thrush. Gosh, I know this joke is wearing thin but you just gotta combine the word "lone" with "Hermit", it's just so catchy.

Looking forward to IatB and hope to see you again then, but I still need more posts!!

And as I haven' put up a photo of a bird for a while, here's the close-up of the Chestnut-sided Warbler from the bottom of the page, taken at Ontario's Rondeau Provincial Park in May 2005...


lisa said...

Hi! Just came across your blog, and I'd love to participate in "The Bird and I"...how do I go about it?

Jochen said...

Hi Lisa!

Great, all you have to do is send me a link of a recent bird-related post on your blog and it gets incorporated into tonight's edition of I and the Bird.