Friday 17 August 2007

Great News!!

Brilliant news indeed!!

To celebrate the return of Cindy "WoodSong", here's a small gallery of WoodSong... I mean Woodcock pictures I took on several visits to Ohio's Crane Creek.

All the very best, Cindy!!


Larry said...

I feel like I'm spying on the bird-terrific shots-were you crawling around on your stomach to get these?

Jochen said...

Well, Larry, sort of on my stomach, but on a board walk. If you ever get to Ohio in May, ou must visit Crane Creek, it is amazing. So easy!! Lots of birds everywhere, and actually seeing Woodcocks up close seems rather easy there as well, I have seen a woodcock almost everytime I went!
Thanks for the compliment and I am glad you enjoyed my pics!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I just love your shots of these woodcocks! I almost caught one in one of my mist nets this year! Never had a chance to get such great shots of them though!

Jochen said...

Hi Mon@rch!
Very glad you like the pics, I particularly like the last one where the woodcock tries to shake the dirt off its bill and the head therefore has the form of a barrel.
That's unfortunate about the woodcock just missing your mist net. Hope you have more luck next season!