Wednesday 24 October 2007

Magic Mallard Moment

Well, today is sort of a "Wordless Wednesday" on this blog.


Because I have to work all day, and today's work assignment is an especially tough one:

a) drive to the nearby city of Wolgast
b) find as many geese as you can
c) map their movements
d) bird all you can when there's no geese around

And as I have to leave early, like ... 10 minutes ago ... there'll be no more words but a handful of pictures I took two days ago of a drake Mallard on the Strelasund coast.

It's funny how it looks all beautiful and nice and smooth but changes into Daffy Duck the moment it shakes its head.


Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like fun for sure! Love the last picture best!

Larry said...

I din't realize you were posting again.-I'll have to keep an eye on your blog.

Jochen said...

Hi Larry!
Yes, I am back, and trying to stay.
I have thoroughly enjoyed your last posts as I arrived in Michigan about this time a year ago. And your posts about the little wonders bring back memories that are very dear to me!