Friday 23 November 2007

A Liddle Riddle

Today's inspiration courtesy of the weather...

Here are two versions of a picture showing a European Oystercatcher in flight, taken on what was surely not the brightest of days about two weeks ago.

One is the original colour version, one was transformed into a black-and-white image.

Version A:

Version B:

Can you tell which is which?

In hopes for better weather over the weekend, especially in New Mexico,

Yours truly


Owlman said...

Hi There,

Thanks for adding me to your blog reading list. I would appreciate it if you could fill in your birding profile at when you get a sec.

Happy birding,


Jochen said...

I'll check it out next week!
Happy Birding!

Anonymous said...

I think Version B is the original. I think I can see a red bill and a hint of color in the waves.

It's a gray, cold morning here in Missouri too. We've just had our first snowfall. Yay!

Jochen said...

Hi David!
Yepp, you're right, but what a dull and cloudy day it was...

We've also had our first snow a few days ago but it was gone the next morning. This part of the year is the more boring one as the summer birds and migrants have gone but the true winter birds haven't arrived yet.
Here's hoping for some colder weather.

Anonymous said...

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