Monday 19 November 2007

Stunning in a Very Disturbing Way

If you thoroughly enjoyed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie and think CSI doesn't show enough "forensic details", you might want to check out this link here.
You probably won't be able to understand the text, but you don't have to, just look at the series of pictures on the right and scroll down.
Be warned however, this is really stunning but in a very, excessively disturbing way.
You might not want to follow the link if you are eating, if you have a weak stomach or if young children or your non-birding spouse are around you.


Nate said...

How strange. 2 thoughts

1) Gulls appear to be mostly feathers in a way far beyond what I would have thought

2) That is an extremely inefficient falcon.

Anonymous said...

I also have two thoughts.

1) I'm glad I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

2) I think I'm skipping breakfast today.

Patrick B. said...