Monday, 30 March 2009

Way To Go, Bell Tower Birder (quite literally)!!

The ultimate bird blog (getting better every day) 10,000 birds has reached the magic milestone of 1,000,000 visitors.

This is quite a milestone to reach for a bird blog.

So I quickly did my math and established that I'll be where they are now in no more than

114 years

Bell Tower Birding: It's all about keeping things in perspective!


Charlie said...

Hey, Jochen, if you hadn't taken so much time out you'd be there in - oh, I don't know - probably eighty years...

Anyway, you deserve to be there far quicker than that anyway, and I'm VERY glad you're back on the blogging trudge

Jochen said...

Hey Charlie!!

Yes, I am also glad (I've really missed writing and my online blogging pals with a passion!) but due to time constrains my return rests on shaky legs (as we say in German), so a few interruptions might occur now and then.

Thanks for your kind words! And allow me to say that the actions of 10,000 birds to promote conservation are AMAZING, the blog has truly evolved into something great! You have really taken off with Parrot Month and the Longclaw project and now it just goes on and on.
You are doing so much and I am sure your actions are already making a tremendous difference.
I very highly respect your work.

Gunnar Engblom said...


We all need to get better connected with other bloggers and start subscribing to each other's blogs.
And we need to start writing interesting blogs. 10000birds success lies on those two things. They are well connected with the other bloggers and they write awesome posts. I only been blogging seriously for 4 months. I joined Nature Blog Network 3 months ago (and I see you are not in yet!!) and have learnt to write better blogs. When I started I placed around 90 among the birding blogs, and now I place around 13.
I have learnt a great deal during these past months. My latest post is on exactly that. Blogging for birders. Feel free to spread it around!

mon@rch said...

Did you figure in the number of views increasing the longer you are online? That will help you speed up!

Laurent said...

350 years for me!

Jochen said...

@ Gunnar: thanks for the advise! I am only able to blog sporadically and even then my time to write a post is limited. Therefore I don't attract a lot of visitors apart from a few regular friends. I am fine with it though as it is fun to write. I actually joined Nature Blog Network a long, long time ago but currently hold a position so far down the list that you simply didn't find me...
Once/If I ever get to blog more seriously again, with more time for more posts, your advise will be valuable! So thanks again.

@ Mon@rch: I wish it were that way, but as I mentioned to Gunnar, I have only a handful of faithful readers and checking my statistics, I was mostly at a constant 30 to 40 readers a day even during my best months as a blogger, now I am around 20 a day. So there never was a steady increase in visitors. But as I really enjoy writing and enjoy the company of my "faithfuls" (such as you), all is fine and I am more than happy with the way things are going.

@ Laurent: you are a few years younger than I am, so our chances of reaching 1,000,000 are just about even!

Monday Birder said...

Jochen, you're doing just fine. Your blog is on a par with mine numbers wise.Personally I couldn't give a toss as long as a few regulars check in now and again.I enjoy it and I get the impression you do too.

Some of the more popular blogs are more about self promotion and advertising than they are about birding.I ain't gonna sell out.

10000 birds though, wow, different league.Respect to you Charlie and gang.may you live long and prosper.

Charlie said...

Hey, can I just say thanks for the incredible comments re 10,000 Birds that have been left here. Personally I'm still overwhelmed how well things are going, and immensely grateful for all the support we're getting now! As a rank amateur if I end up making even a small difference to bird conservation I'll die a happy man :)

And I still think Jochen's blog is the best read out there (especially now that Tom McKinney has gone all muso on us)

Cheers and thanks again

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