Wednesday 20 May 2009

A New Blog

I just started a new blog.

Okay, how much longer do I have to wait until you'll stop laughing and will read on?
Still some more?

Well, fine, you're welcome, I always enjoy good humour when I am the victim of it.

You see, you make a good point saying I should first start to blog on Belltower Birding again with anything even remotely resembling some sort of frequency.

But then, I felt that this blog was about stories I want to write.

And looking at my posts, I noticed that I recently had simply one or two too many "Look, I found this odd bird, here are the pictures, any suggestions?" - themed posts, and I found that a bit disruptive and rather boring - although the many visitors were nice.

So anyway, for these ID-Issues I started a new blog.

It is called "Dr. Jekyll and Birder Hyde" (don't ask, I won't tell you anyway) and will feature my mystery birds as I find them.

The first mystery post is up, an egg shell I recently found in Germany. So if you have any kind of knowledge on egg shells, give it a shot over at Birder Hyde.
You'll be a better person for it - just come back, Tom, will you.


Dale Forbes said...

nice title to the new blog. I will definitely be stopping by to throw in my two cents worth.

btw, I am looking forward to some more writing happening on this blog. you have been worse than me lately and at least I have the excuse of having had tea in four different countries in one day, seen hundreds of Pallid and Montagues Harriers, Roughlegged and Longlegged Buzzards, and hundreds of Pygmy Cormorants...

Anonymous said...

I cling to the hope that writing on the new blog will inspire you to begin writing on this one once more.

Jochen said...

Dale, blog more frequently?
I wish I could but can't for many reasons. Dang!!

Wren, Dale: come on, I am not doing THAT badly, am I? I mean, it has been worse. But I am very happy and honoured that you want to read more from me and would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest respect for you both, as this means you both must be of extraordinarily strong mental built.


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