Sunday 7 June 2009

Out of Office

This is an automated response to all my visitors to let you know that I won't be online anywhere - neither on my blog nor in your blog's comments - until around June 22nd.

Not that this would be new news on this blog.

I'll have to survey a few square kilometres in western Russia for anything that lives and may be noteworthy, so I am particularly hoping I'll get to see some Blyth's Reed Warblers. I haven't seen any since 2000, so you can tell I am excited about the prospect of re-connecting.

As I didn't have the time to get a booster on my bear & beaver bite vaccination, wish me luck.


mon@rch said...

Wish you luck . . . can't wait for your return!

corey said...

Man, the comments on my posts are going to drop by half!

Have fun, be safe, and I don't understand the big deal about Blyth's Reed Warblers. Heck, if I could find them they can't be that tough to see...