Thursday, 6 August 2009

New I and the Bird is up - this time including the Me-I, not just the Others-I

Between the booty of a mariner and the Cheyenne bottoms, the English language with its many twists and tweaks and double meanings is a constant well of refreshing insights. The full extend of its linguistic excellence however is only unveiled to a chosen and privileged few who not only happen to be birders and are thus appreciative of beauty and quality in ultimate perfection but who also have the constant courage and graze to blog about their birding adventures and thoughts.
As a natural result of the bird bloggers' supremacy and in celebration of their literary excellence, the blog carnival I and the Bird was initiated by Mike Bergin exactly four years (and a month) ago, a very fine anniversary that needed to be solemnized accordingly.

Corey (here is the link to his profile, but the picture near the end of this post conveys a far more realistic image of the man who claims to be Corey Finger) has lived up to the challenge of the occasion and crafted a fine new edition of I and the Bird. This newest edition just so happens to also include a link to my submission (and I had no idea it was an anniversary edition) , the first in a horribly long time (or not long enough time, depending on who you ask, right Corey?!).

Cheers, enjoy, and I had no idea about the dog poop. The things you learn from reading 10,000Birds.


corey said...

Hey, we aim to please...

Thanks, and stay away from the dog doo, would you?

Jochen said...

Dang, I got busted 4 years after the dirty deed.
Congrats again, Corey, you wrote a very marvellous IatB.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now I have to ask how the dog poop fits in with birds, or should I not ask? :) It seems like this isone of those questions to avoid. :)

Jochen said...

Joan, just follow the link Corey provides in his latest edition of I and the Bird in the paragraph where he introduces my submission. Preferably don't do it just prior to taking a bite off your sandwich...

Hilke Breder said...

Hi Jochen, I just discovered your blog via 10,000 Birds. I having been trying to find a German birding blog, but all searches ended up in nothing. I am orginally from northern Germany, have been living in the US for 30+ years but am visiting my hometown Hamburg regularly. Following my last visit I blogged about my trip to Helgoland... (see posting of June 10 on'll be following your blog, enjoyed very much what I have read so far.

Jochen said...

Hallo Hilke!
Ist ja klasse. Great, so I am not the ONLY blogger with a German background after all. I have tried to convince many birders here in Germany to start a blog but somehow things are not going too well - I seem to still be the only one.
I'll check out your blog in a minute! Cheers and happy birding trails and by the way: I've yet to visit Helgoland!

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