Monday 28 September 2009

Spot the Difference

Always striving to entertain my loyal readership, I have decided to add some variety to Belltower Birding and post a riddle:

Below are two images of the same scene that differ only in one teeny tiny aspect.
Can you spot the difference (and I don't mean the light)?

View from my kitchen window on Sunday, Sept. 27th at 13:16 (1:16 pm) :

View from my kitchen window on Sunday, Sept. 27th at 17:24 (5:24 pm) :

Yeah, dudes with chainsaws.

I have a significant problem with chainsaws. Indeed I dislike them so much that if I was asked to name the five most horrifying inventions of mankind I'd rate chainsaws to be second only to atomic bombs, and closely followed by the guillotine, cell/mobile phones, and "butterfinger" chocolate bars.


Laurent said...

I think you missed this Item :

I think it should rank # 2 in your list.....

Is it a ski lift I see on your pictures?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

How about poison ivy and popcorn? :)

Nate said...

There's also a car in front of the right most house in the first one.

Do I win a prize?

Will said...

It's actually a trick question. They are in fact two different cities, proving beyond a doubt that all cities in Germany look the same.

Also if you look closely there is a House Sparrow in the bottom picture (you have to look reaaalllly closely)

Jochen said...

Laurent: Harvester are the evil successors of chainsaws and if there were no chainsaws, harvesters would never have emerged from their rotten hell to terrorize the earth. So I'll stick with chainsaws.
That "ski lift" is a cable way that transports lime stones from a quarry 7 km away to a nearby cement plant. Pretty cool actually.

Joan: okay, popcorn is pretty high on the list as well, but have you ever tried eating a "Butterfinger"? Y U C K !!!
As to poison ivy, it's a natural plant, so I kind of have to like it 8like it or not) as a biologist and conservationist. But it's certainly not cuddly :-)

Nate, Will: ha ha ha, you guys are sooooo funny.
I'll get you for this one on your respective blogs, guys. Just you wait :-))

Nate said...

You should like Poison Ivy as a birder. In the fall, birds are all over the berries. I had Worm-eating and Blue-winged Warblers in a Poison Ivy bush just last week!

Jochen said...

You see, Nate: I never took notice of Poison Ivy so I have never really seen it (consciously) - ever. I was too busy checking underneath leaves for Connecticuts to notice the leaves themselves.

Nate said...

I rarely notice it unless it's fruiting. I'm fortunate enough to not get a rash from it.

Good luck finding that Connecticut Warbler in Germany!

Jochen said...

You see, Nate, the Connecticut Warbler in Germany would not be much of a problem if I finally managed to find a decent patch of Poison Ivy here.

John B. said...

Also, the second photo has cars in front of the second and third houses, as well as what appears to be a cyclist in front of the first house.

As for chainsaws, I find them noisy and annoying, but at least they have useful purposes. Leaf blowers, on the other hand, noisily accomplish tasks that could be easily achieved with a broom or rake. So I find leaf blowers more detestable than chainsaws.