Tuesday 8 December 2009

No words, just awe

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother picking up a camera.

This is one of these times, with a hat-tip to Dale.


Anonymous said...
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Laurent said...

this is the downside of having such a popular blog......you get spammed!

Jochen said...

oh, but it isn't all spam all the time. During the last 4 months, I got a total sum of US $ 2,34 Billion out of Nigeria onto my bank account and if current trends continue, I'll be soon able to buy all of Manhattan Island and turn it into a Bearded Vulture reserve.

And by the way, my popularity currently stands at 20 to 50 readers a day, strongly depending on being linked to by other blogs...

Patrick B. said...

I took similar photos recently. The similarities are striking. My photos are also of birds. The differences are few, namely the fact that mine are shite and that mine were deleted from my camera before I even got home.

Dale Forbes said...

no posts since 8 Dec... what you up to, Jochen?

Anonymous said...

Jochen, I too miss your posts. In order for me and noone else to miss your coming post, I have added your blog to my twitter feed. That should get you some more visitors as well.

Gunnar Engblom

Jochen said...

@Patrick: Ha! EXACTLY mirroring my bird photography experience!
Oh, but you really shouldn't have lied. I do remember some more than fine Ivory Gull pics!
And dang, weren't they taken rather recently?

@Dale: Look, I am back - been away with no Internet access.

@Gunnar: Thanks a million for the twitter feed, and thanks for the compliment. I'm back from a holiday and will (have already) post(ed) as much as possible!!
Cheers and saludos!