Monday 29 March 2010

Another bird's name finally makes sense

Bruce Bowman, of Bowman's Bird Stuff fame, has finally captured on film (as the old folks still call the process of taking a picture, digital or not) what was long suspected yet never proven, that the name "Sandhill Crane" can occasionally make sense:

Sandhill Cranes !


Laurent said...

See, that's the proof that American Bird's names are always well chosen, easy to remember for the visiting birders!

John B. said...

Well, that makes perfect sense now.

Jochen said...

@Laurent:actually, when I wrote my "names in the names" post, I was CERTAIN Sandhill cranes were named after some Mr. or Mrs. Sandhill, like Sandwich Tern ;-)

@John: exactly, exactly. Bruce was a happy man, and lucky too!