Friday 13 April 2007

I hate shopping and so should you

I just got back from downtown and upon approaching my apartment building, an American Woodcock was flushed 10 metres in front of me from the sidewalk by another pedestrian in the middle of town!!
"Great, my first close encounter, but what on earth is it doing here?!" I thought, and then "Oh no, don't go this way, don't... too late!"

It had flown barely 15 metres until it hit one of those huge shop windows and died.

I picked it up and carried it a few metres onto a front yard close by. I am not very sentimental but if I was a Woodcock and killed in such a hostile environment, I'd like my remains to be carried somewhere where it is a bit closer to "home" than remain there on the concrete.

As if shopping wasn't already bad and boring enough, now those [Tom McKinney at his best] shops even kill off our beloved birds!!


Anonymous said...

I read abou this on the listserv.. what an unfortunate end for the woodcock.. and I think you did the right thing by moving it. I would have too. :(
I hate windowstrikes and we're seeing alot of road-killed birds because they're frantic for food after the storm and heading out to open roads. Spring can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Buffleheads are on my lake in Brighton...2 males and a female. This is the first time I've seen this species on my lake. Glad they could stop over on their way north. I don't have a long enough lens to snap a shot. If you want more info, drop me a note... bnowling[at]charter[dot]com

Rurality said...

Poor little woodcock! Now, if the stores would just follow my lead and not ever wash the windows, it would be much safer for birds!