Friday 23 November 2007

Another Peregrine, another bird's neck gone

Okay, here's the next chapter of our continuing Saga about the Neck-Eating Peregrine.
It's only one picture and not quite as disgusting as the series I linked to recently, but again:

Warning, not a pretty sight during a meal.

It is so easy to forget this fierce side to the falcon's nature when we see one perched on a fence pole in the light of the setting sun.

Happy Thanksgiving or just happy birding trails to non-US readers!


Larry said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.-Or should I say Happy leftovers day since I'm replying on Friday.

Jochen said...

Thanks Larry!
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here in Germany (I think it is purely US-American), but I still had a nice day and - yes you are right: some excellent food!